Help our seniors and promote your business

Dear Chamber of Commerce members,
Wilmington’s (60481) senior population is comprised of 20.3% (2,376) of its residents-higher than both the state (17.2%) and national (16.8%) averages, according to the US Census Bureau. As our residents continues to age, it is imperative to provide services that preserve their independence and quality of life. Unfortunately, Wilmington’s seniors face a substantial lack of resources, and data pinpointing their most pressing needs. The absence of transportation services places an undue burden on seniors, who are often required to rely on family members for transportation, continue driving despite age-related limitations, or become homebound. Additionally, Kuzma Care Cottage reported a 25% increase in seniors seeking assistance between 2021 through 2023, indicating financial hardship. Moreover, data concerning access to senior housing is incomplete, underscoring the need for a more in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by seniors in Wilmington.

So how do we go about resolving/addressing these issues? The first thing is to gather concise information from our seniors through a community-wide needs assessment survey (62 years old and up). This will give us the leverage to apply for funding, get necessary resources and services, and connect with our senior population. The survey questions have now been compiled. Our next step is to properly promote this to maximize the greatest return on the survey. The Wilmington City Council will proclaim April as Senior Citizen Month and during April 22-28 several organizations will be hosting survey socials. Seniors that fill out a survey will receive a little gift bag with items donated by local merchants as well as our local County and State legislators. What am I asking Chamber of Commerce members to do?

1) Please advertise-I will have a flyer available to post in your business
2) Donate an item for the gift bags – 200. I would need those by April 17th.
If you are interested, please e-mail, or call me and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you in advance,
Sheryl Puracchio
Wilmington Rotary Charitable Foundation