Wilmington Chamber Gift Certificate policies

Members: Accept gift certificates

Everybody: Purchase gift certificates

Everybody: Use gift certifcates

How to accept certificates and receive reimbursement

All Wilmington Chamber members in good standing may accept Wilmington Chamber gift certificates as payment for goods and services. Members are not required to accept these certificates.

Members must have paid current membership dues at the time the certificate is redeemed.

Valid certificates will be embossed. Certificates dated 2023 and later will be also be numbered.

2023 and newer gift certificate
2022 or older gift certificate

Accept the gift certificate the same way you would cash. Do not give cash back for any unused portion of a gift certificate. Do not cross out the denomination amount and hand write a new lower number. Each certificate may only be used a single time.

Before sending your certficate in for reimbursement, endorse the back with your signature and date.

Submit the original paper certificate to the Chamber office in person or by mail. The office address is 616 Davy Ln, Wilmington IL 60481. If mailing in you may make a copy for your own records, but in order to receive reimbursement the original embossed certificate must be turned in.

Checks for reimbursement will be sent monthly.

How to purchase Chamber gift certificates

Purchase Chamber gift certificates in $10 and $25 denominations from the Chamber office at 616 Davy Ln, Wilmington IL 60481.

At this time the office does not have set hours. If you want to set an appointment to purchase call us at (815) 476-5991 or send us a message through the website. If you stop by and the office is closed, you can be assisted at Spins & Needles next door.

How to use certificates at Chamber member locations

Fill out the “to” and “from” lines on the front of the certificate.

Treat your certificate as cash. To protect our members, the Chamber cannot replace lost or stolen gift certificates.

Bring your certificate to a Wilmington Chamber member that participates in the gift certificate program. Most members accept Chamber gift certificates. Some, such as those providing financial services, may choose to not participate or be legally prohibited from participating by their own industry regulations.

Make a purchase that is equal to or more than the value of your gift certificate. You will not receive cash back for any unused portion of a gift certificate. Ex: If you make a $19 purchase with a $25 gift certificate, you would forfeit the additional $6 of value.

Enjoy your purchase and thank you for supporting Wilmington businesses.